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Silky soft, highly waterproof and breathable fabric (waterproof level: WP 15,000; breathability level: MVP 15,000) that allows you to ski or ride in temperatures as low as -25C, and remains breathable as you sweat. All outerwear is also DWR-coated, fully tape-seamed and insulated.

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Faux leather tags

for un-fastening or fastening zips without having to remove gloves.

YKK Aquaguard® double-ended central zipper

for ease when the male Huski wishes to relieve himself.

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Back bib pocket

to hide valuables or other precious items.

In-built braces

enabling you to stylishly wear your Huski half-down when required, such as at lunch, during climbs or après. Sleeves can be attached to the waist to prevent them trailing on grubby floors. Huski tip : to avoid misshaping central zipper, do not over-tighten braces; if wearing a transceiver, put on transceiver first.

Hood ba9774cd4132a5026826b2aa3efafe255c7be7c85f9b93d336e28ec1331af7e9

Removable hood

with in-built three-way drawstring for tightening during blustery conditions. Hood contains a concealed magnet, and each Huski comes with an accompanying optional adhesive magnet to stick to your helmet to ensure hood stays in place during high speed winds or skiing or riding. Huski tip : place adhesive magnet approximately 9cm from helmet peak. The hoods of the female Huskies, except Alaska, are also faux-fur trimmed.

Skin-soft high collar

polar fleece-lined to nestle into when the winds pick up. The male Huski has a further layer of removal teddy-fleece.

Nap pocket a81f596be7785747500c983b7b3832fd21255f44649c242418db0ddbea81a971

Napoleon inner chest pocket

so-named because Emperor Napoloeon Bonaparte was frequently shown in portraits with one hand inside his uniform jacket. Includes an in-built micro-fibre lens wipe. Huski tip : never wipe inside of lens or you will destroy its anti fog treatment; dab outside of lens only.

Discrete patch pocket on lower leg (female only) to discretely store smaller items; no unattractive bulges.

Phone pocket 3bf87d5e15c25320417aabe562bdc6abfb110dbc05ca0815a5b3fd25a82d1a3f

Touchscreen friendly phone pocket

with touch sensitive panel, enabling use of phone from within pocket. Large enough to fit the iPhone 6 Plus, with headphone socket.

Internal adjustable waist elastic

make your Huski work for your shape.

Glove clip 8a7a542fdbf3d9b52d6448e0684cc667daec46b33b438716e07144040e789984

Wrist gaiters and glove clips

lycra wrist cuffs to keep out the snow, plus an elastic cord and clip to attach gloves (works with most gloves). At last.

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A dedicated ski pass pocket and four further spacious exterior pockets

because you can never have too many. Huski tip : avoid putting contactless bank cards in ski pass pocket as they may interfere with your pass.

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Expanding leg opening

for easy booting/de-booting.

RECCO® technology

makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident. It is not a substitute for a transceiver, but does increase the chance of being found in time.

Vent 8ef919ffa750e562fe75b48f768b8ca4b90d5efa34155111a8eb00acf28ed06e

Underarm vents

to channel cool air straight to the skin when desired.

Leg vent bbf934d0504242212b6fc947ea69d1d5cc614dadb587b153055d93350c97936a

Thigh vents

with a mesh lining.

Scuff guards

for reinforced durability against ski boots.

Whistle 6787e3bf631dee1d6c5e6710bb4d8545716fadf8daf1a4c8eb86b99e95134ef9

Rescue wolf whistle

to alert others in an emergency or otherwise. Pealess, so works in sub-zero conditions. Huski tip : never go off-piste without a transceiver, shovel, probe and guide.