Welcome to Huski - an exciting breed of skiwear created by two good friends with a shared passion for skiing and attention to detail.

One winter, driving across the French alps, we sat side by side talking all things ski. We spent hours putting skiwear to rights, and HUSKI® was born. We both felt strongly that ski style is as much about comfort and performance as looking good. But we always felt the need to compromise one of these. We were sick of the same big-name brands dominating the market yet evolving their designs at glacial pace, forcing us to accept the same tired and unoriginal looks season after season. Skiing is about creativity, about showing identity, about being free. So we took matters into our own hands.

The male Huski has been skiing in all-in-ones his whole life:

Sadly my collection of male ski suits consisted of old relics donated by family and friends from a bygone era. Eternally on the look-out for an affordable, practical and stylish all-in-one I was left disappointed that these were either vastly over-priced, or cheap novelty suits not made particularly well.

The female Huski was fed up with looking like a guy skiing:

Why do the big brands assume that girl skiers want to look like teenage boys? The only effeminate ski wear I could ever find was flexible in the wrong places, missing key features, lacking quality or plain unaffordable. It was as though the big brands assumed girls were not interested in proper skiing, and just wanted to dress up for fun.

Cue our original, signature Huski.

After years of product development and mountain testing we are now thrilled to present our original, signature Huski. We've put as much care and commitment into developing our Huskies as proud parents would a child. We love quality and despise faff - our original Huski is designed to maximise ski and ride time. From our attachable glove clips to our in-built braces for après-ski, we've thought of everything. Honestly.

We’ll ski forever. And now we’ll look good doing it too.